NL-19 Can be applied to any Stainless Steel Surface


Railing connections, struts, pole-holders, towers, pulpits, interior and exterior connections and anywhere you need to fasten or connect something in or on your boat or watercraft….. Decorative…..etc.


Cars, Trucks, Trailers
Racks, motor connections, batteries, truck beds, winches, decorative


Racks, motor connections, batteries, shock to frame, decorative


Railing, gates, hinges, frames, window hardware, lock to door connections and more


Decks, railings, hinges to door, and anywhere you have experienced corrosion where it affects the cosmetic appeal of your home

Metal Fabricators:

Any and all exterior products that you make which could fail under the corrosive elements in our environment


All exterior connections to the home you manufacture and retrofit, NL-19 can be applied to products that include Concrete, Drywall, Doors, Merlex Stucco, Photovoltaic Solar Roof Panels, Roofing/Roof Accessories, Siding, Waterproofing and Windows and many others.


In the design and implementation of the waterfront homes that you design for your discerning customers. They demand long-lasting components and will not be happy with marginal fasteners. They want the best and will not tolerate seasonal replacement. Think long term, when you have future clients visit past homes that you have designed, the new customers will be more likely to appreciate your design when there not distracted with rusty fasteners that have run down beautiful steel toweled stucco.

Wooden furniture:

Screws, bolts, fasteners, custom furniture builders and retro-fitting of old wood furniture that requires fasteners whwhere corrosion is a concern.  Hinge to dressers, locks, handles to furniture, decorative and more