NL-19 Was Engineered For Those That Demand Corrosion-Free Stainless Steel Hardware

NL-19 has been in development for over 15 years. NL-19 is our trade secret proprietary metal treatment that we have now truly perfected. Our electro-chemical knowledge and fabrication experience gives us a true advantage. We think like a fabricator who needs the added corrosion protection and an engineer who designs new products or makes old products better.

This metal treatment was not designed by a large company whose main objective is profit. We are people that have been challenged by the harshness of our local environment, whether it’s been living right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean or the fallout of local petroleum refiners who produce gasoline. All of it effects our lives by making our toys, homes and materials corrode.

How much of our life’s time has been spent replacing or fixing corroded hardware? Let’s stop the madness and treat hardware that will not fail and last many times longer than anything else on the market. PERIOD. NL-19 hardware will never corrode like typical stainless steel. Our NL-19 metal treatment takes advantage of the stainless steel thereby producing a brighter finish and a cleaner look.

What do you need protected?